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Reflexology Lymphatic drainage (RLD)

This photo is after a few treatments with RLD courtesy of Sandy Martinelli

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Swollen feet, legs or arms? RLD may help!

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RLD is an award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. This technique has been researched and developed by Sally Kay, whilst working in Cancer Care. The results appear to support the theory of reflexology. Breast Cancer​ is the most common cancer in the UK and Approximately 20% of these patients develop secondary lymphoedema of the arm following treatment for breast cancer.

Lymphoedema is defined as tissue swelling due to the failure of lymph drainage. We all know what happens when plumbing goes wrong, and the human body is no exception! If your sink or bath is unable to drain, then you have a build up of water in the sink or bath. The same can happen after surgery for breast cancer. This is known as secondary lymphoedema. Primary lymphoedema is caused when there is a hereditary congenital defect of the lymphatic system and often presents as swollen legs. Research suggests that survivors of breast cancer with lymphoedema are more likely to suffer psychological and emotional difficulties, be more disabled, and experience a poorer quality of life than survivors without the condition. Watch a video to hear Sally Kay and one of her client's talk about the treatment she has received. By stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet, this may facilitate lymphatic drainage in the swollen limb and reduce the overall swelling and discomfort.

RLD for inflammatory and auto-immune conditions

As RLD can cause an effect on the drainage function of the lymphatic system, it follows that it must have the potential to affect the immune system. This may account for why RLD appears to help those clients with inflammatory, auto-immune conditions. Lymphatic Drainage massage (MLD) is commonly used to treat many other conditions as well as lymphoedema by assisting the extra lymph fluid to drain from the body, and RLD can be used in a similar way and may help the following:

Lymphoedema : Allergies
Rheumatoid arthritis : Fibromyalgia
Sinus Problems : Chronic Fatigue/ME
Headaches/Migraines : Post operative recovery
Pregnancy & Premenstrual Fluid Retention : Eczema/Psoriasis

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