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Foot and/or facial Reflexology in Cheltenham by a qualified Reflexologist, including mobile Reflexology in Cheltenham, Churchdown, Gloucester

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Visit The Heeling Feeling for Reflexology in Cheltenham and let your shadows fall behind you as you begin your journey experiencing the many benefits that complementary therapy can offer. We may think nothing of making ourselves look or feel good by having our nails or hair done or going to the pub and spending regular money on these items, but we can often hesitate on spending money on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Surely, this is equally, if not more important than how we look on the outside?

Whether you are troubled with stress, headaches, tension, sleep problems, menopause symptoms, hay fever, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, in pain or just in need of some relaxation for your wellbeing, Reflexology can assist the body to rebalance itself. For details of research and articles about many subjects such as how reflexology can assist with pain relief, the menopause, auto immune diseases, the use of somatic therapy to balance the body and aid recovery from illness, breast cancer symptoms, painful periods, and more....Visit my research and news item page

It is estimated that 75% of all disease and illness is stress related Did you know reflexology has the benefit of grounding your energy, completely relaxing you and bringing a feeling of greater peace within yourself. It also may improve your circulatory, respiratory, and immune systems and enhances your natural ability to heal. A Reflexology treatment can create an overall sense of balance and harmony.

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As well as my comfortable treatment room in Hatherley, Cheltenham,as a mobile Reflexologist I am also able to offer Mobile Reflexology as home visits in Cheltenham, Brockworth, Churchdown, and Gloucester all for an agreed price in advance for those clients who are unable to get to Cheltenham. Please note, my treatment room is only a 15 minute drive away from some areas of Churchdown and Gloucester and is also on the bus route . I also offer some evening appointments and some Saturdays to suit those who may be working. Please Contact me if you have any specific requirements.

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Here at The Heeling Feeling in Cheltenham I am a Reflexologist passionate about delivering a complementary therapy that promotes the health of the mind, body and soul and would wish that each client leaves feeling physically and mentally refreshed. The time spent at each treatment is your time..... to escape, relax, snooze, unwind, laugh, cry, or whatever you choose and many clients benefit from that alone! Please take a look around the site and find out how Reflexology in Cheltenham may benefit you! I also offer facial reflexology which is not just a facial skin treatment rejuvenating and making skin appear healthier and younger, but a reflexology treatment as well assisting the whole body to rebalance and heal......Find out more about Facial Reflexology

During my treatments and around my home, I often like to use Neals Yard organic health and beauty products. Since they began in 1981, Neal's Yard Remedies has been a pioneer in organic beauty and wellbeing. Their formulations benefit mind, body, and well-being, and use only the wild, organic, and natural ingredients nature can afford to give providing sustainability, and taking no more than we need. Please visit My shop to browse Neals Yard Organic products.

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About me: Nicki Worgan MAR

By choosing a Reflexologist with the letters MAR (member of the Association of Reflexologists) after their name, you are choosing a therapist with the full membership status for the Association of Reflexologists. This means that I have met the strictest standards for professional excellence in reflexology practice, as well as being committed to continually developing my skills and knowledge. All members of the Association agree to abide by the Association's Code of Practice and have confirmed that they are insured to practice.

My background is as a Registered General Nurse, with 20 years experience working mainly in the community as a District Nurse. More recently, the demands put upon the NHS meant that I was finding it increasingly difficult to actually have time to care for the patients I was seeing, as everything became very rushed in order to see a volume of patients throughout the day.

I became more and more conscious that the physical symptoms and long term conditions we were trying to treat and care for may be better resolved by looking at the person as a whole, including their lifestyle choices and their emotional well being as well as the physical symptoms that were presenting themselves.

I have always been interested in complimentary therapies, and Reflexology in particular, since receiving many beneficial treatments myself over the years. I therefore took the step and left the NHS and retrained as a reflexologist and created The Heeling Feeling so that I can work with clients in an unrushed manner and give them the time they need for relaxation to enable the body to rebalance and start its own healing process.I passionately believe that we should listen to our bodies as a whole in order to achieve overall health and wellbeing.

I studied Reflexology at the Cotswold Academy in Cirencester and am now a qualified Reflexologist with an Association of Reflexologists (AOR ) recognised level 3 diploma. The course I completed was an ITEC diploma that included an anatomy and physiology qualification and also 100 case study treatments prior to qualifying. You can find me listed on the Association of Reflexologists Find a Reflexologist page.

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"If you're feeling out of kilter, don’t know why or what about, let your feet reveal the answer, find the sore spot, work it out” Eunice Ingram, the mother of reflexology

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