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How to quieten your mind

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One of the many reasons people come for a reflexology treatment is that it allows them time for relaxation and to escape for a short while. I often have clients who come to see me who complain that they are never able to switch off. They constantly have various thoughts running through their mind which leaves them feeling exhausted; especially if this happens at night and is interrupting their sleep. How many times do we dwell on a thought and try to solve it in our mind using up energy on something that may not even be ours to solve? This is something we all have experience of, right? So how do we quieten our mind?

Firstly, it is important to realise that it is not necessary to solve or address each thought that pops up. Thoughts are generated by the unconscious mind and negative thoughts can be from past experiences and are often there to protect you from the same type of thing in the future. The more we dwell on a thought the more we reinforce it by causing the neuronal pathways to form and strengthen. When pleasant thoughts appear, we are quite happy to have them around for a while and they do not cause any stress. However, the negative thoughts can leave us feeling frazzled. So what do we do with them all?

Stop......Notice that you are caught up in a thinking pattern.

Breathe......Take a long deep breath and as you breathe out, relax and consciously let go of any tension you may have in your body.

Allow your thoughts to come and clouds crossing the sky. Give whatever thoughts, feelings or emotions that are present permission to be there. Take another breath and give your thoughts space to pass through.

Give more attention to the breath coming and going and feel refreshed with each new breath. By redirecting your attention you can rewire your brain.

Another technique can be to label your thoughts as they pass through.....That’s a ‘to do’ thought, that’s an unhappy thought, that’s an angry thought, that’s a happy thought etc. Just by giving them a label we have acknowledged them but we do not need to do anything else with them.....just let them pass through. If you feel a thought needs addressing as perhaps maybe you forgot to cancel a dentist appointment, then jot it down for now to be dealt with later, or tomorrow; then you can let go of that thought.

Regular clients of mine will also have heard me talk about the Headspace app. This is an invaluable tool to help you sort your busy mind and begin the journey into meditation and mindfulness. You only need to spend a few minutes to begin to feel the benefits. Click here for the Headspace app link

Whatever, method you choose, remember you do not have to do anything with your thoughts.....they are merely part of your subconscious and do not need action. Regular reflexology can help by having a grounding effect and can assist in calming the mind.

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